Tite-Dri uses state of the art, custom made equipment.

All our machines are highly flexible to allow consistent production of a wide range of products that match our customers’ requirements. Our latest technology, comprised of winders, bundlers, baggers and festoonners, allows us to provide customers with the widest variety of packaging options available in the market.

Quality Assurance

Continuous quality checks are performed to certify reliable products that perform at their designed capability.

All of Tite-Dri’s raw materials are FDA approved, and we verify their certification each time new material is received. Our quality assurance department tests our final products daily through a system of checks that monitor absorbency, weight, size and centering of the pad’s core. Because our staff regularly checks the absorbency of our products, our customers can rest assured that they are receiving consistent and reliable pads.


All employees participate in safety training,
designed to enforce all aspects of protection.

Tite-Dri is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees, visitors and clients. Each member of our organization is obliged to comply with the rules set in place in order to avoid accidents and injuries. Among these regulations, maintaining the cleanliness of all work areas is strictly enforced to ensure contamination-free products to our clients. Additionally, all visitors are fully accompanied by a Tite-Dri employee during any visits to our factory.


Tite-Dri keeps operations efficient and productive in order to continuously meet customer expectations and quantity requests.

By tracking daily production and length of machine uptime, Tite-Dri is able to provide customers with reliable and accurate delivery windows. If a client wants a certain amount of product within a specified time period, we will measure out the logistics and ensure that we can comply with their targeted requests. By keeping track of our equipment on a day-to-day basis with monthly analysis, we can continue to be certain that it is performing at its full capacity with utmost efficiency.


Our resourceful and strategic shipping process reduces
customer costs and furthers customer satisfaction.

Because shipping costs play such a large role in overall cost, we have developed products and packaging methods which allow us to ship up to 3x more product than our competitors in a single shipment. Our products are shipped by truck, rail or ocean cargo and our strategic location in South Florida provides a competitive advantage in freight costs. Whether you prefer picking up the product or having us deliver it to your doorstep, our team will work with you to ensure the most efficient delivery process.

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