About us

Tite-Dri Industries is the only manufacturer in the food packaging industry that can produce all different types of absorbent pads available – fluff-based, superabsorbent-based, and airlaid-based.

Our company maintains honesty and integrity through all facets of business, allowing for long-term relationships with our customers as well as a strong core of employees dedicated to producing high-quality product. Eighty percent of employees that currently work at Tite-Dri have been with the company since its start in 2004 and share in the company’s vision to be a reference in excellence and innovation in our industry, leading to heightened production and efficiency throughout day-to-day operations.

Tite-Dri­'s products are made in the USA with 100% US made raw materials.

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To be a leading manufacturer of high end absorbent products.
To be an eminent example in excellence and innovations in our industry.


Develop and manufacture high end absorbent products that deliver uniqueness and values for our customers.

Implement innovative sales and marketing strategies that differentiate ourselves, and our products. 

Deliver sustained growth and return to our shareholders while securing stability for our workers and their families.

Develop long lasting relationships with our customers.


We look after our people, their security and well-being.
We hold ourselves accountable for our results, successes, and failures.
We practice an ethical and transparent organization.
We stimulate team work and long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
We strive for open communication to embrace people’s opinion, and communicate efficiently. 
We are committed to exceptional quality and service.